Residential lettings

About the tenancy

The Tenancy Application Form

When you have chosen a property, you will be asked to complete a tenant application form within seven days. We use an online referencing service called Letsure. Your tenancy offer may be made when the form has been processed and approved.

Should any of the details given prove to be false, it will affect any decision or tenancy agreement made based on information provided.


Each tenant must provide details of a guarantor with an address in England or Wales. I.e. a parent or guardian. This guarantor will also be subject to a basic check through Letsure.

The Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, as defined in Section 20 of the Housing Act 1988, as amended by the Housing Act 1996. Where a tenancy agreement is completed for more than one tenant, those persons become jointly and severally liable for all outgoings and responsibilities.

If you or your co-tenants wishes to leave a suitable replacement must be found who completes the application process. Changes can only be made to the agreement within the first four months of your tenancy. No changes can be made once there is less than six months remaining.

Rent Demands and Payments

You will receive a request for payment each month which will indicate both due date and amount payable.

A standing order form can be given to you on the date you move in, alternatively we can provide our bank details so that a standing order can be set up online. We are not able to request the money from your bank, so you must make sure it leaves your account on time each month.

All rent is payable in advance on those days set out in your tenancy agreement.

Should rent remain for unpaid seven days after your due date, interest becomes chargeable at a rate set out in your tenancy agreement. A reminder will be sent one week thereafter which may incur a fee. Should the amount remain unpaid, recovery proceedings may be taken should it be deemed necessary. If you anticipate any difficulty with a rental payment, please ensure that you contact us well in advance of the due date.


A £150 management fee per person will be required to secure the property whilst your tenancy application is processed.

Should you abort proceedings at any stage, your management fee will not be refunded.

Subject to your application being approved, you will be required to sign a tenancy agreement and to pay a deposit and rent prior to keys being provided. This must be in the form of cash or a banker’s draft. If you wish to pay by bank transfer this must be done in advance so that the funds have cleared into our account by your move in day.

At the end of your tenancy you will be given the opportunity to renew your agreement.  Should you wish to do so there is an administration charge for the preparation of the new documents at a fee of £70.00 per person which needs to be paid in advance of the start of the new tenancy.


We require a deposit amount equal to one and a half times the monthly rental amount. This is held in a client account and registered with The Deposit Scheme. The full deposit must be paid in cleared funds before the tenancy commences.

Problems During the Tenancy

Any problems during the tenancy must be reported to us as quickly as possible, so they may be dealt with swiftly. If you are not happy for a contractor to use a pass key to gain access to the property then your contact details will be provided to the contractor so they can arrange a suitable time.

N.B. Should damage result from negligence or misuse, the tenant will be required to make payment or agree another remedy.

Tenant Responsibilities

Upon occupation of the property, you assume certain responsibilities, as set out in your tenancy agreement. The main ones are listed here:

  • Not to carry out any structural or superficial alterations to the property.
  • To preserve the fixtures, furniture and effects from being destroyed or damaged and not to remove them from the property.
  • Not to share, sublet or part with possession of the property without the previous written consent of the landlord (or landlord’s agent) and to use the premises only for the purposes of a private residence in single occupation and for no other purpose and not to take in or receive lodgers, boarders or paying guests or permit or suffer to reside in the premises any person or persons other than the tenant(s).
  • Not to carry out any profession or trade from the property.
  • Not to carry out any activity which may cause nuisance to others.
  • Not to carry out any activity at the property which may invalidate the insurance.
  • Not to play any musical instrument or use any sound reproduction equipment so as to be a cause of annoyance or disturbance to adjoining residents, between the hours of 11pm and 7am.
  • Not to place or stick posters or pictures, etc. on any walls or other surfaces with Blue Tac. You may use a sensible number of picture hooks provided they remain in the property at the end of the tenancy. N.B. Blue Tac is responsible for the majority of deductions from tenant deposits.
  • Not to keep bicycles, motorcycles or similar in any part of the property or common areas, unless written authority is obtained from the landlord or landlord’s agent.
Inventory & Property Inspections

An inventory will be drawn up at the beginning of the tenancy and you will be provided with a copy for your approval and signature within seven days of a tenancy start date. This inventory will be used to assess any damage to the property, which may affect your deposit. Fair wear and tear is accounted for.

To protect the landlord’s interest, we make regular flat inspections. You will be provided with at least 24 hours advance written notice.

End of Tenancy

An inspection will be carried out after the tenancy has ended. Providing the inventory was returned within seven days of the start of the tenancy, this will be used to assess the condition of the property. Any damages or cleaning needed will be charged equally from each tenant’s deposit. Any items left in the property will be removed and charged from the deposit.

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