Landlord and Tenant Services

Commercial Services

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, expert advice is important at all stages throughout the term of the lease.

Pre-lease advice:

Whether a landlord or a tenant it is important to be properly advised not only on rental but also on the other terms of the lease which can have a significant impact on your income or obligations through the term of the lease.

Arbitrations and independent expert referrals:

We can act for you to present evidence before an arbitrator or independent expert in connection with rent review and other valuation negotiations. Our surveyors also accept appointments to act as arbitrator or independent expert.

Expert witness reports:

If you are involved in litigation you may need an expert witness report relating to valuation or other property issues and our experts are able to provide such reports.

Advice on adding value or cost saving:

Re-structuring of leases can have a significant impact on capital value for a landlord and similarly for a tenant re-negotiation of terms can often lead to long term savings.

Advice on repairing liabilities:

Most leases will contain repairing obligations either for landlords or for tenants or for both and our specialists can advise you on the extent of these obligations and can also offer help in arranging competitive quotations for the works, if required.

All landlord and tenant negotiations:

Whether it is a rent review, lease renewal or other negotiations between Landlord and Tenant we can assist by offering the necessary expertise in terms of advice and negotiation skill.