About the Property

Utility Bills

We will inform all appropriate utility companies when you move into the property. It will then be your responsibility to ensure the bills are paid throughout the tenancy. If you are exempt from council tax you must inform the council.


Keys and Locks

If keys need replacing during the tenancy due to fault of the tenant, the exact cost of the replacement is chargeable and must be paid for upon collection. Some security keys cannot be cut by anyone other than Ellis and Partners.

If tenants are locked out we may be able to let them back in during office hours.

Under no circumstances do we give out master or spare keys.

If you arrange for a locksmith to attend at the property out of hours, do not assume that the landlord will meet this cost. If the locksmith was necessary due to negligence or damage caused by the tenant(s) this is a breach of tenancy and the landlord is not liable.



Our properties are available unfurnished. Most properties do not include a washing machine; please check before commencing the referencing process. As the tenancy is a short term tenancy any painting or decoration is not permitted within the property.



Refuse may not be left in communal areas as this constitutes a health and fire hazard, but should be left in those areas designated by your landlord or landlord’s agent. Refuse collections in Bournemouth town centre usually take place on Thursday morning, although you may wish to contact Bournemouth Borough Council for confirmation.


Telephone/Internet connections

We do not install phone/internet connections in any of our properties. If you wish to get a connection you must contact a provider to arrange this. If a connection charge applies it is your responsibility to pay this. We do not hold any information on previous connections or telephone numbers.