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Electricity Meters

There are two kinds of meter used in properties and are listed below:

Quarterly meter – a reading is taken each quarter and a bill is generated based on that reading by the electricity board.

Key meter – a ‘smart’ key is used to charge the meter with electricity as it is used. Electricity can be purchased from various participating stores.

Night storage heating system

To operate the night storage heating system, first locate the fuse board. Generally, the larger consumer unit (fuse box) is for the main supply, whilst the smaller consumer unit should operate the night storage system. Ensure it is switched on (when not in use for long periods, we suggest the night storage consumer unit is switched off).

Next to each of the heaters, around skirting board level, are switches. These operate the heaters individually and must be on for that particular heater to function.

Never cover a night storage heater, as built in safety features (thermal cut off) will engage and ultimately need to be reset by an electrician at a cost to yourself.

Night storage heaters work using cheap rate electricity (supplied at night) to heat special bricks. The stored heat is radiated during the day until the charging process begins again.

There are two controls on a night storage heater. The input dial controls the temperature to which the bricks are heated. The higher the setting, the hotter the bricks will become. The output control merely operates a flap, so that you can regulate the flow of heat. Obviously if the flap is open, the bricks will lose their stored heat more rapidly. We suggest that the output dial is only used as a boost.

N.B. For normal operation, the night storage system should be left on.

Keys and Locks

Any tenant who is locked out of their flat will be charged £5 for re-entry during working hours. Lost keys – should you require replacement keys at any time, a minimum of £25 Inc. VAT will be charged.

No locks are to be replaced on internal doors i.e. bedroom doors. This is because you are one household on the agreement and also, in case of an emergency, master keys are held by us for quick access.


Refuse may not be left in communal areas as this constitutes a health and fire hazard, but should be left in those areas designated by your landlord or landlord’s agent. Refuse collections in Bournemouth town centre usually take place on Thursday morning, although you may wish to contact Bournemouth Borough Council for confirmation.

Immersion Heater

The electric immersion heater provides hot water and is usually fitted with a timer to regulate its operation. Some people believe the immersion should always be engaged, so that the water is kept at a constant temperature by the built in thermostat. Others prefer to switch it on only when required. The most efficient method of operation can only be determined by the tenant.


Each property has low energy saving light bulbs. Should one blow please replace with like, as these are consumable items and your responsibility. A £5 charge plus VAT will be made for any bulbs that we have to replace.


Blocked sinks, toilets and showers are not necessarily the landlord’s responsibility.

Please bear in mind that any works completed by contractors other than those designated by your landlord, will not be reimbursed.

To avoid such difficulties, always contact us first.


We have numerous maintenance calls concerning mould/dampness. In the majority of cases it is not damp that causes the black mould growth, but condensation within the property.

Areas prone to this are cold corners of rooms, wardrobes on outside walls, walls of unheated rooms etc. It is the tenants’ responsibility to reduce/control the moisture within the property in order to alleviate any mould growth.

The following points must be followed to avoid mould/condensation:

  • Keep the kitchen and bathroom doors closed when being used
  • Avoid drying clothes on heaters
  • Do not turn extractor fans off
  • Increase ventilation and use adequate heating
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